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No PREFARENZEN without references

PREFARENZEN is looking for reference projects all across Europe.

PREFARENZEN is the comprehensive platform of PREFA for communicating with architects and planners in more than 20 countries. In addition to various different events and architecture trips, this online magazine, the annual PREFARENZEN book and the PREFARENZEN journal that was newly developed in 2020 are in the focus of our partners’ interest.

With the submission of your projects, you express your consent for medial use. This way, there will be the chance that you, your office and your projects are presented in one of the coveted PREFARENZEN media – with separate editions in German and English.

With only a few clicks, you can upload the basic information, photos, plans or drafts of your reference project to be included in the pool for PREFARENZEN media productions.

PREFARENZEN communication media in detail

Here is an overview of the platforms we use to put your objects in the limelight.

The magazine

With a series of short articles, the online magazine regularly reports on extraordinary projects, developments in building with aluminium and also reveals what architects have to say beyond their daily business.

PREFARENZEN Online-magazin

The book

Every year, the PREFARENZEN book recognises architects who have optimally integrated PREFA products in their architecture and nominate these projects on our submission platform. Architects whose objects are chosen in expert dialogues are visited by a team of experienced journalists and architecture photographers. In deep conversations and optimum lighting conditions, text and image reports are created that turn the book into a collector’s item.


You can order the →PREFARENZEN Book here.

The journal

The latest PREFARENZEN medium is a large-format journal that also attracts readers outside of the architectural scene. In addition to presenting innovative and successful building projects, it also allows readers to look beyond the horizon of architecture and technology. The reports shed light on the lives of the people who live in these objects in all PREFA countries and also touch upon regional, cultural, geographical or historical highlights. There is also room for philosophers, artists, bon vivants and other people who lead an extraordinary life.

You can order the →PREFARENZEN Journal here.

PREFARENZEN also says thank you

with usage rights for photographs, media work, PREFARENZEN events and more

If your projects are chosen for a report, PREFA will bear all the costs for creating the text, photo and video contributions. Moreover, the photographer transfers the rights of use of the selected portrait and architecture photos to the respective architectural offices and they are free to use them for their own purposes. On top of that, you profit from international media work, become part of PREFARENZEN, are informed about events and can take part in architecture trips.


The submission portal is always open so you can nominate your projects anytime and in a simple, direct way to be included in PREFARENZEN.

PREFARENZEN submission portal

    What we need:

  • a few photos or renderings of your project
  • information about the used PREFA products
  • a short description of the object
  • the planned (or past) completion date including outside facilities
  • some basic contact details to be included in the pool

Once we have corresponding dates, you will be informed about the selection process.

GDPR note: The submission is free of charge. Your data will be treated confidentially and will only be used for internal processing and the project selection process. They will not be passed on to third parties.

Experts make the selection

In the expert dialogue, where architects, architecture journalists, PREFA object consultants, application engineers, marketing experts and architecture photographers come together, the projects that should be published in one of the PREFARENZEN media are selected.

In 2020, a two-day dialogue took place at Grafenegg Castle in Lower Austria in a pleasant atmosphere. Here are a few comments of those who participated in the dialogue:

“When I make my selection, I particularly pay attention to the inner function and the outer expression. Many people are good at ice skating, but only a few are good at free skating.”
Nils Krause, hammeskrause architekten

“The objects show that you can make good architecture with simple products.”
Marleen Viereck, Viereck Architekten

We would like to bring experts in the area of architecture closer together with the industry to drive forward the creativity and innovative power when using our products.

Jürgen Jungmair, International Marketing Manager at PREFA
Text: PREFARENZEN editorial team 
Photos, video: Croce & WIR


With the PREFARENZEN dialogue platform, PREFA created a forum for the further development of innovative and architecturally sophisticated roof and façade solutions made of aluminium.

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