: Lateral view bouldering hall in Pevno, Škofja Loka, shingle façade, ARHITEKTURA PETERNEL

Award-winning PREFARENZEN architecture

Lucija Franko received an award for bringing a breath of fresh air to the small village of Pevno near Škofja Loka (SI) with a contemporary bouldering hall she had designed during her time at ARHITEKTURA PETERNEL.

Farms, single-family houses, old hayracks in the field: When contemporary architecture comes to Pevno, it stands out particularly strongly. With its inclined walls, the nearly windowless structure facing away from the street seems mysterious at first glance: How is it used? Who uses it? Its dark envelope with anthracite-coloured PREFA shingles and warm front sides made of larch wood make you curious and fascinate, perhaps also because it formally reminds of a barn but obviously is not one. The executing installer Tomo Zadravec finds that you “cannot really speak of a roof and a façade in this object,” that it is “rather a skin that protects a body”.

Above all, Lucija Franko, the leading architect in this new construction, managed to achieve one thing: that the local colour of a small village is redefining itself in a progressive way. For the project, she received the BigSEE architecture Award 2021, an award of the BigSEE platform, which recognises unique, innovative projects in the Southern European creative and industry sector in 21 countries.

Find out more about this and other excellent projects in the PREFARENZEN book 2022!

Architects Lucija Franko and Marko Peternel, ARHITEKTURA PETERNEL, BigSEE Architecture Award 2021
Lucija Franko and Marko Peternel
PREFA employees Zoran Jakopovic, Filip Dubrovski, Mitja Brencic, Nadine Heidinger and Gasper Povse, BigSEE Architecture Award 2021
f.l.t.r.: Zoran Jakopovic, Filip Dubrovski, Mitja Brencic, Nadine Heidinger, Gasper Povse

Boulderhalle Škofja Loka

Country: Slovenia
Object, location: bouldering hall, Škofja Loka
Category: new construction
Architecture: Arhitektura Peternel
Installer: ZA&TO
Material: ➔ DS.19 shingle, ➔ siding
Colour: P.10 anthracite

Text: Anneliese Heinisch
Photos: Croce & Wir
Portraits: © Branka Keser for BIG SEE


With the PREFARENZEN dialogue platform, PREFA created a forum for the further development of innovative and architecturally sophisticated roof and façade solutions made of aluminium.

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